9’6″ Brusurf Surfshred Bamboo SUP


Price includes shipping. Dimensions: 9’6″ x 33″ x 4 5/8″ Volume: 170L Ideal for paddlers up to 180 lbs. Weight: 25 lbs. The BruSurf 9’6″ SurfShred is designed for riding all types of surf.   With a more pulled in nose it allows for easier turns on the wave.  The wide swallow tail with plenty of “V” is stable, fast and loose.  The 3-fin box set up allows you to customize your fins for quick acceleration and turns.  The extra 33″ in width provides great stability.  The bamboo vacuum bag construction creates a strong, light-weight board. Quality Construction – Proven Designs ● Epoxy / Fiberglass 3 layer deck, 2 layer bottom ● Bamboo Vener Vacuum Bag Construction ● EPS Closed Cell Foam Core ● New one way Gortex one way breather valve built it ● F.C.S. black composite molded style 2 + 1 Fin set up ● GoPro FCS Nose Mount ● Bungee Straps


Blue, Lime Green, Pink, Red, Orange, White, Yellow